• Several dead birds found along North Myrtle Beach shore, officials say


    NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - Investigators are trying to figure out why several dead birds washed up along the shores of North Myrtle Beach over the weekend.

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    City officials said the total number of dead birds is unclear, but they are working to learn what killed them.

    “The bottom line is that birds perished and were found on our beach, and as of this writing, we do not know why,” city officials said in a Facebook post.

    According to officials, two pelicans and another type of bird were found in one location, while several other birds were found in another spot. One of the pelicans was reportedly found barely alive.

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    Investigators said there is no evidence of a diesel spill or that the death of any of the birds is associated with a diesel spill at this point.

    Officials said samples from the birds were sent to be examined at the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study in Georgia and the results are pending.

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