Sheriff-elect McFadden stays focused on issues from campaign

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Channel 9 was the first station to sit down with sheriff-elect Garry McFadden, who overwhelmingly beat current Sheriff Irwin Carmichael in the election.

New sheriff in town: McFadden ousts Carmichael in Meck County

McFadden will take over at the end of the year.

He told Eyewitness News reporter DaShawn Brown his biggest challenge may be winning over his deputies because a lot of the staff there may share the same vision with Carmichael.

McFadden said that there is a lot that will change under his leadership.

“I would lump this together 287(g), video visitation and solitary confinement,” McFadden said. “I would lump those as three things. I need to take care of at the sheriff's office.”

Those were the key issues on his platform during the election

McFadden said he plans to start getting rid of 287(g) in December, which will be within the first few days of taking office.

The program looks at the immigration status for people, who are in jail.

McFadden said that's really just the start.

He also said he's not sure how these changes could affect staffing.

His plan is to talk to people already working there to try to get on the same page.

“Everyone has to be sworn in by me,” McFadden said. “Am I going to swear everyone in? I don’t know. I would love to swear (in) everybody because they see my view and my agenda.

McFadden said he's also spoken with Carmichael privately to figure out how the two of them can work together to make the transition.

McFadden said he has a lot he wants to do over the next six months.

He is visiting sheriff's offices across the country to learn from them and get ideas for new programs.

Some of those include ways to help inmates and get the community involved.

McFadden said community building is an important part of his vision, and he wants to dedicate an entire unit to that effort.

“And then have a group which is very diverse to help me make decisions for this entire community,” McFadden said.

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