Some gyms reopen based on exception found in letter from NC attorney general

NORTH CAROLINA — The state kept gyms closed under Phase two of the governor’s reopening plan, but several have reopened after the attorney general sent a letter saying under certain circumstances they were allowed to.

Meanwhile, other gyms and fitness centers are waiting for more clarity from Gov. Roy Cooper.

The letter from the Attorney General Josh Stein cleared the way for gyms to reopen, helping them cater to people who absolutely need to exercise for medical reasons.

In the letter, dated June 5, the attorney general provided clarification on the current executive order saying the governor interprets the order to allow the use of indoor gyms and fitness facilities when prescribed or directed by a medical professional.

Based on this clarification, some gyms have decided to reopen. A Rock Box Fitness in Steele Creek is just one gym offering very small classes.

That was enough for some gyms, like Rock Box, to reopen now instead of waiting for Phase three.

"I couldn’t wait,” said Danielle Dix, who Channel 9 caught up with as she worked out alone inside the gym on Monday. “I couldn’t wait to get back.”

General Manager Thomas Funderburk said clients, especially those with health issues, rejoiced upon hearing the news -- and his team worked to keep them safe.

"You'll always be in your own square,” he said. “You'll have your own set of functional equipment.”

Chris Narveson owns an Orange Theory Fitness in Charlotte. He told Channel 9 the letter was refreshing but has not acted on it yet.

"I think we have to still get approval from corporate on our side with Orange Theory,” he said. “Understanding what all is in that letter can be difficult on our end, especially when you’re getting news and bits and pieces from all over.”

Narveson said he was hoping for some direction from the governor on Monday about when he would overtly allow all gyms to reopen.

Cooper only would say that his team is paying attention to the numbers.