Some activists, leaders not happy with foundation's review of CMPD policies

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Community leaders and local activists in Charlotte are worried the Police Foundation's 108-page review of the Keith Scott shooting won't lead to the change they want.

They gathered at the Government Center Tuesday morning to share their concerns about the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

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Jordan Sprenger is one of the citizens interviewed by the Police Foundation.

"The final report, I would say it's a scratch at the surface," Sprenger said.

The final report focuses on CMPD's response to the September 2016 demonstrations in Charlotte after an armed Scott was shot to death by police.

The report makes 34 recommendations for improvement, ranging from new protocols to better training and improved communications with the public.


Charlotte's NAACP said it wants a review of all CMPD policies and more changes to how officers interact with the community.

“At the end of the day, we're looking for real change,” said Corine Mack, with the Charlotte NAACP.

The Safe Coalition wants CMPD to install holster technology that would activate body cameras any time a handgun or Taser is drawn.

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Robert Dawkins, with the Safe Coalition, also wants the city to keep pushing Raleigh to give the Citizens Review Board subpoena power.

“We want accountability and we want community oversight,” Dawkins said.

CMPD officials said they're already implementing changes suggested by the Police Foundation and working towards others

"We remain open to any recommendations that may help us better serve our community," CMPD officials said.

CMPD statement:

“The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has already implemented some changes as suggested by the Police Foundation and is working toward others. We remain open to any recommendations that may help us better serve our community.  

"We are carefully reviewing this important report and we are eager to determine what we may be additionally appropriate to implement.”

City of Charlotte statement:

"We thank the Police Foundation for its independent, professional review of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's response to the September 2016 demonstrations.

"We will review the final report, working to assess what has already been done and to implement the foundation's recommendations as appropriate.

"With the support of our community, city staff and elected leaders, we will look to this review as an important piece of the city's ongoing work to make Charlotte a better city for everyone."