State auction site offloads surplus items from across NC

CHARLOTTE — Cars, computers, maintenance equipment and office supplies, the state of North Carolina is selling it all in the same place.

The state is constantly auctioning an array of items, many you never knew you needed and plenty of things you don’t.

The oddities range from unused underwear to a drum set and the state’s department of administration is tasked with trying to offload it all.

A spokesperson for the department told the Political Beat they are required to recoup as much money as they can from the surplus items that no longer have a use.

“The majority of items on the State Surplus auction site come from state government agencies and universities within the UNC system which are mandated to use NCDOA State Surplus to dispose of property purchased with state funds,” said Julia Hegele, communications director for the department. “State Surplus also offers their services to public school systems, community colleges and similar groups.”

The state’s website includes the list of all the items up for bid, as well as instructions for the auction process.

The TSA in Raleigh is one of the largest providers of goods. Among the assortment of items you’ll find knives, multitools and key chain pepper spray by the box load.

If you’re in need of a new ride, the state is selling more than more than 50 vehicles, some that are only a few years old with bids below $1,000. Also up for grabs are golf carts, trailers, a motorcycle and even a Bayliner boat.

Among the more curious items is a collection of VHS tapes sold alongside miscellaneous furniture. This isn’t just a few Disney movies either.

A total of 40 boxes worth of various VHS tapes are ready to be taken home.

All of these items are still up for auction if you’d like to place a bid.

If you end up as the winner, you have 10 days to collect your treasures from wherever they may be across the state.

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