State lawmakers back in session; Lincoln Co. Rep. hopes to discuss proposed ABC bill

RALEIGH, N.C. — State lawmakers are back in session in Raleigh.

The main priority will be making budget adjustments.

Appropriations Committee Chairman Jason Saine says he doesn’t expect too many hot-button issues to come up over the coming months.

He hopes the short session will be the same as the name implies: short.

“This is the year we adjust the budget,” Representative Saine said. “We are fortunate that since we’ve had so much economic activity, we yet again have another surplus. It’s not as great if you are budget chair because we got to figure out where to invest those dollars.”

A topic he is hoping will be discussed is ABC reform. Last session, his bill was stalled.

The bill would legalize happy hours, allow cocktails to be sold to go, and allow municipalities to pass ordinances so ABC stores can be open on Sundays.

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