Knife confiscated after fight at East Meck High School, officials say

CHARLOTTE — A knife was seized on Monday after a fight at East Mecklenburg High School, officials told Channel 9.

A student was cut on the leg during the fight, police said. That student was treated by the school nurse and will be OK.

A knife was found inside a backpack, but it’s not clear if it was the same weapon used in the fight. Channel 9 spoke with a parent who said her child was injured during the fight, too.

“The knife, it sliced his head,” the mother, who did not want to be identified, told Channel 9. “It’s all good now.”

She took her son to the hospital and he got stitches. She told Channel 9 she has raised concerns about weapons inside schools before, but her fears are growing.

“It’s something they’ve said all the time but something they never actually believe or trust, because either way, people are able to get guns, knives or any type of dangerous weapons on campus,” she said.

There was no information released on charges.

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There have been other violent encounters at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools this year, including a large fight at Mallard Creek High School that resulted in 17 students being charged.

Dozens of weapons have been confiscated from CMS buildings this year as well:

  • 15 handguns
  • 51 knives
  • 7 box cutters

CMS leaders held a town hall with families last week at Lake Forest Church in Huntersville to talk about safety issues at Hopewell High School. The high school has been on a modified lockdown for months because of fights and after two guns were found on the campus.

Below is the message East Meck’s principal sent to families:

“This is Rick Parker, Principal of East Mecklenburg High School, calling with an important message. A fight among multiple students occurred this morning resulting in two students having non-life-threatening injuries. Additional, law enforcement was called to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff. All students involved were searched by law enforcement and a student was arrested for being in possession of a knife. This is unacceptable behavior and a violation of the CMS Code of Student Conduct. Students who violate the code will be disciplined accordingly. As a precaution, we will be on a modified lockdown tomorrow, Tuesday, November 23rd.

“Your child’s safety is the first among my priorities as principal of East Mecklenburg High School. I am committed to providing a safe and positive high school experience for all our students. Thank you to our students and parents who partner with us to make East Mecklenburg High School a great place to work and learn.”

(Watch the video below: Changes discussed at town hall after guns found, students charged at Hopewell HS)