Students react to clear backpack policy at Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

CHARLOTTE — Next week, clear backpacks will be handed out at two Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

It’s what the district is saying is the latest step toward improving security. However, some students say this is not the solution they wanted.

Some students told Channel 9 they wished the district had asked for their input.

On Instagram, one student sarcastically said, “Omg CMS you have permanently fixed gun violence schools thank you so much.”

The students at iMeck Academy begin their career and college exploration the moment they walk through the doors.

On Tuesday, when they step inside, they will be handed clear backpacks to carry.

“Most people don’t really agree with it. They don’t like it that much because they are clear. They are kind of ugly,” student Eduardo Perez said. “Our school is pretty small I feel safe. If that’s what they have to keep us safe, then I guess so.”

Arguably the most powerful student in the district is opposed as well.

CMS Board Student Advisor Juan Torres Munoz tweeted yesterday that the policy does not solve violence in CMS.

He said he told students to go to board meetings and make their voices heard.

Channel 9 spoke with a few seniors, who said they were going to miss their backpacks but didn’t mind the clear bags.

They said they are excited that the straps are of different colors and said if they can keep their schools safer, they’re all for it.

“It’s like something to get accustomed to but overall, I feel like it is a change but it is a change for the better,” student Jennifer Montez said.

“It’s a safer way for our school to be safe and it is a good chance even though our privacy is a little bit changed. It’s OK,” student Aria Kaseter said.

So far, iMeck is the only high school in CMS that has announced plans for distribution. The dates for the other high schools have yet to be determined.

The distinct said it also plans to install Evolv weapon detectors as early as next month. The main items that such technology detects are guns and bombs.

Unlike metal detectors, students will not have to empty their pockets or take off their backpacks.

(WATCH BELOW: CMS slates 2 schools to test clear backpacks; district updates its security measures)

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