Study: Pandemic dramatically changed how long Charlotte drivers sat in traffic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The pandemic has changed a lot of things over the last year and that includes how much time we spend sitting in traffic.

In 2020, the average American driver spent 26 hours stuck in traffic, which sounds like a lot but not when you compare it to the 99 hours we wasted in traffic the year before.

Inrix released its 2020 Global Traffic Scorecard, and it looked at time lost in traffic for several cities, including Charlotte.

On average, Charlotte drivers lost 18 hours sitting in traffic in 2020. The year before, that number was up to 49 hours. This means we saved about 31 hours of time.

The pandemic, coupled with working from home and going out less, likely explains the drop.

As things go back to normal, drivers can expect traffic and congestion to pick back up.