Stun gun disguised as cellphone found on American Airlines flight to Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A passenger found a stun gun Sunday on an American Airlines plane that landed at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

The plane landed in a secure area of the airport, and law enforcement officials got on the plane to investigate.

The stun gun, which was disguised as a cellphone, was found under the seat.

The flight originated from San Francisco.

(WATCH: Expert talks about stun gun found on American Airlines flight)

Airline officials told Channel 9 that passengers with connecting flights had to go through security checkpoints again before boarding their connecting flight.

Transportation Security Administration officials said the device may have been left on the plane by a staff member or a cleaning crew. It also may have been brought through a security checkpoint in San Francisco.

They said the originating airport in San Francisco doesn’t have TSA agents, but the airport contracts with a private company. An official said that company still must abide by TSA guidelines and regulations.

FBI agents are investigating who brought the stun gun on the plane.

"We're seeing a growing number of electronic devices disguised and weaponized.
That is a reason for concern among TSA and screening partners," Walter A. Kimble, a security expert and certified police training instructor, said.

American Airlines officials said they rescreened all passengers with connecting flights after the incident.
FBI officials said they are investigating, but haven't made any arrests.

FBI officials released the following statement:

“The FBI and the CMPD responded to Charlotte Douglas International Airport the evening of July 30, 2017, when a request was made for law enforcement assistance by American Airlines.

During a flight from San Francisco to Charlotte, a passenger noticed an odd item underneath a seat.
Out of an abundance of caution, when the plane landed, it was sent to a hotspot area of the airport and the passengers were deplaned.

The plane was checked by a K-9 and bomb squad members.

A stun gun disguised to look like a cellphone was removed from the plane.

An investigation is ongoing at this time. No additional information can be released per Department of Justice policy.”         

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