‘Talking About Race’: Watch conversations with 6 men of different backgrounds

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Earlier this year, Channel 9 brought you a raw, honest program called “Talking About Race: A Conversation with 5 Black Men.”

After that special aired, we received a lot of feedback about how we could further this important conversation. Many of you wanted to see Black men and white men sitting down together and talking about rarely discussed issues.

We are now hearing from six men of different backgrounds and views, who are committed to an open dialogue and to finding common ground as we talk about race.

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Meet the men below:

Aaron Atkinson

He is a 43-year-old VP of a technology company and father of two daughters. He, his wife and children live in Ballantyne. He is also a documentary filmmaker. During the pandemic, he and some friends launched an Instagram project highlighting restaurants. They wanted to help businesses that struggled during the crisis.

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Nathan Berry

He is 44-year-old VP of a technology company. He is a married father with three daughters. He is white. His wife is Black. They met in college in Iowa when he decided to visit a local Black church. They now have a project called Brownicity. They provide “eye-opening, anti-racism education through customized courses and events.”

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Jonathan Fletcher

He is a 29-year-old from Gastonia. He is the owner of a family business, Wyant and Son Monument County. Fletcher is the chairman of the Gaston County Republican Party and one of 15 members of North Carolina’s Electoral College. He was proud to cast his vote for former President Donald Trump and a member of the Electoral College in 2020.

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Ben Katzenstein

He is a 24-year-old MBA student at Appalachian State University. He was born in Albania, adopted by a Charlotte couple and raised in the Jewish faith.

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Derek Partee

He is a 69-year-old retiree who spent 25 years in law enforcement. He worked for a police department on Long Island, North Carolina, and then was selected to join the National Counterterrorism Task Force. He is a Black Republican who is working to recruit more Black voters.

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Ashley Stovall

He is a 41-year-old native of Statesville. He is an artist and elementary school art teacher. He teaches kids in the community where he grew up as a child and coaches high school track and football. He is married with two daughters.

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