There have been many voices trying to make sure protests stay peaceful

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In the midst of the George Floyd protests, there have been many voices trying to make sure things stay peaceful.

Channel 9′s Ken Lemon was at this weekend’s protests and said the large majority of protesters have been peaceful, but the ones who really stood out are those who went out of their way to keep every else on the same level.

Some protesters have stepped in just as things reached a boiling point. Protester Curtis Hayes Jr. helped defuse tense several situations including one Saturday when a fellow protester focused his anger on police.

Hayes could be seen trying to calm the man as a crowd of protesters blocked traffic on Interstate 277.

He stood in front of the man who was focused on police and was able to reason with him.

Minutes later, Hayes prayed over another protester suffering from exhaustion and asked for divine protection for police.

On Sunday, There was a moment near BB&T Park when Greg Jackson of Heal Charlotte stepped between a frustrated protester and line of officers in tactical gear.

He said he was grieving just like the protester and convinced police there was no threat.

They continued to protest without issue -- made their point and went home, but he said protesting is only part of the battle.

He said the problems facing the black community are bigger than just issues with police and he started Heal Charlotte to help on several levels.

According to Jackson, 4 years ago, he was an angry protester like the man he stopped, but now he tries to make sure the message is heard without violence.

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