‘This is exciting’: Little leaguers get field upgrades from Charlotte Knights

CHARLOTTE — CoulOak Little League is receiving a new foundation for its field from the Charlotte Knights — one that will make it better and more playable for members.

“This is exciting,” said Kevin Garrison, Coach of CoulLoak Little League. “So the whole league, everybody we’ve been here since the late ‘60s.”

Garrison told Channel 9 reporter Almiya White that the Charlotte Knights gave his team the opportunity they have been hoping for.

“We were really interested in working with them and that our fields could use a little bit of love and attention,” Garrison said. “They came out in the field to very seriously spend a lot of time just getting to know us in the field.”

Charlotte Knights President Rob Egan said this is a project that his team does yearly.

This project involves renovating local baseball and softball fields, and is called “Fields for our Future.”

“You can see our friends at field builders spreading out the dirt on the field, making the surface better,” Egan said. “We also put up capping along the foul lines, the fence cap which is yellow.”

Egan said their organization has renovated six fields in the last six years.

Andrew Wilson told Channel 9 that he plays on the CoulLoak Little League team and he’s looking forward to batting up on a new and improved field.

“Well, it was a little bit torn up and needed some help,” Wilson said. “It’s going to be a lot better.”

Garrison said he’s just thankful for the community’s support.

“People love to see investment in the fields, and it really helps drive Little League and help us grow,” Garrison said.

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Almiya White

Almiya White, wsoctv.com

Almiya White is a reporter for WSOC-TV

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