Tillis discusses Washington goals, will go to D.C. next week

CORNELIUS — A day after his win over Kay Hagan, Republican Thom Tillis is talking about what he wants to get done in Washington.

Tillis spoke about the committee he wants to serve on and his plan to try and repeal Obamacare.

Tillis met reporters at Cornelius Town Hall on Wednesday and spoke about reaching out to Democrats.

"I think we should start by finding bipartisan opportunities to move for on the legislative agenda," Tillis said.

On bills dealing with jobs and the economy, and the proposed oil pipeline from Canada to Texas, Tillis says Democratic leadership stalled in the Senate. He also vowed to fulfill a campaign promise -- reversing Obamacare.

The president would veto any bill to repeal it, but Tillis said there are other tactics.

"Take a look at things we can delay like the employer mandates. Other things, if we can delay them or replace them with something more sustainable, that's what we need to focus on," Tillis said.

Tillis said he would like to serve on the armed forces and agriculture committees.

As one of nine incoming freshman Republicans, experts say Tillis will have to pay his dues first.

"Certainly for all new U.S. Senators it's primarily more about being the workhouse than necessarily the show horse," said political expert Michael Bitzer. "I think Thom Tillis will fit into the role of being looked at as one of the future leaders on whatever policy he chooses to dive into."

Before he dives into anything, Tillis will have to get the lay of the land in Washington. He will be traveling there next week to begin that.

President Barack Obama is asking Republican and Democratic leaders from both Houses to come to the White House for a meeting on Friday to talk about how they can all work together.