Town of Davidson pilots composting initiative to reduce waste

DAVIDSON, N.C. — A pilot program in the town of Davidson is offering hundreds of residents free composting in hopes of diverting scraps from landfills to community projects.

For the next six months, neighbors can sign up to receive a free composting bin and collect their food waste. The town says its an opportunity to gauge interest and effectiveness.

“We want to know how much food waste we can divert through this program,” said Charlene Minor, sustainability coordinator with the town’s parks and recreation department.

Minor says nearly 30% of residential waste is compostable, this initiative hopes to change where it goes.

Crown Town Composting picks up the collections with funding from a state grant. Once it is broken down, it will come back to the town to be used in local projects like planting trees or community gardens.

“That finished compost is something that we can add right in as fertilizer, and it’s a great, less expensive option as fertilizer prices are quite high right now,” Minor said.

More information on Davidson Composts is available here. The program is being offered to 250 households with about 100 spots still open, the town said.

>>> In the video at the top of this page, Channel 9′s north Mecklenburg County reporter Anthony Kustura spoke with residents taking advantage of Davidson’s environmentally-friendly endeavor.

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