Trump: 'I like North Carolina, we are looking at another deal'

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — He is known for big building and bold statements, and this weekend Donald Trump visited the Charlotte area.

Trump spoke at a business conference and visited the golf course he just bought in Mooresville.

Eyewitness News spoke with Trump about his idea to bring his brand of decadence to Charlotte.

"I am very detailed-oriented," he said.

When Eyewitness News sat down with Trump at his recent business purchase, Trump National Golf Club in Mooresville, he said he wanted the club and the area of Lake Norman to be one of the premier spots in the state.

"We love North Carolina, and we love this place especially. Trump National is special," he said, "To me, I just think it is the best area, a phenomenal place. The houses are going through the roof."

Trump said he is not done looking at property in the state.

While he is interested in possibly buying a home in the Mooresville area, he is also in the middle of a negotiation for another business property in the area.

"I like North Carolina. In fact, we're looking at another deal in NC, a little different section. We're looking at another deal in NC. I have so many friends in NC. It's a great place," he said, "I can't talk yet, because I like to talk about it after I sign."

Several years ago, Trump was planning a 72-story building in Uptown that would have made it the tallest in downtown Charlotte.

He canceled the deal.

"It was just before the crash and I just didn't feel comfortable with it. It was a 200-million-square-foot office building in Charlotte and would've been a disaster. So I made a good decision not to do it," he said.

Eyewitness News asked him if he would take another look at Uptown Charlotte and he responded that he would and that he thinks Charlotte has a great future – that it is well-run.

Trump is not just focused on business deals.

He said he seriously considered a run for president last election and said he is not ready to rule it out for the future.

Eyewitness News asked Trump if he thinks he will be president one day.

"Will I? Well, somebody has to do a great job. This country is really falling behind and it would be great to make our country great again because right now, it's not great," he said.

Trump is very involved with his golf club in Moorseville -- from picking the carpet and to hanging pictures on the walls.

He said he liked to put his touch on everything.

He plans to come back every month or so to check on the renovations being made right now.

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