• Second person dies after 3 shot Sunday night in Pageland

    By: Ken Lemon


    PAGELAND, S.C. - South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is now leading the Pageland shooting investigation.

    The sheriff commended his officers for the way they handled the shooting Sunday night, but there are some people, including the daughter who watched her mother get shot and killed, who believe the officers fired the fatal shots.

    There are bullet holes inside and outside of the home on Evans Mill Road near Pageland.

    "It looks like a young war out there because there are shell casings everywhere," Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks said.

    The sheriff said his officers had a report of a shooting.

    Rashawn Little is accused of firing at men outside the house.

    His wife, Shannon Little, and their three children were inside.

    "It was total chaos with people running, ducking and hollering and screaming," Brooks said.

    He said three officers ran toward the gunfire, pulling children out of the way and finding two men wounded by gunfire.

    They heard screams in the house and knocked on the door.

    "The suspect threw the door open and immediately started firing multiple rounds at the officers at close range," Brooks said.

    The officers fired back.

    Neighbor Dorthea Zerfino saw the exchange of gunfire.

    “They were on their knees and the guns were pointed at the house and you just started hearing shooting. They were shooting at the house,” Zerfino said.

    Rashawn Little ran out the back door, jumped in a car and drove away.

    Zerfino said police appeared to see movement in the house and fired again.

    She said officers pulled the couple's daughter out of the home and the girl yelled at police.

    "She told the police,’Y’all murdered my momma,’" Zerfino said.

    The sheriff said he can't be certain who fired the shot that killed Shannon Little.

    He believes 19-year-old Tyvon Threat, who died, and 31-year-old Luther Chambers, who is in stable condition, were both hit by shots fired by Rashawn Little.

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