Union Co. required to conserve water after month of little rain

Union Co. required to conserve water after month of little rain

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — Union County is now required to conserve water after a month of very little rain in the area. The City of Monroe has only had a quarter of an inch of rain in 30 days.

Union County Parks and Recreation has been using rain barrels to catch what they can of the rain.

Waxhaw resident Betty Sergent hopes to water her lawn soon.

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It's brown, gray. It’s just dried up," she said.

She's worried the mandatory water restrictions will not be lifted soon because storms seem to miss the area.

Last week, customers used up to 22 million gallons a day.

A typical summer day uses about 16 million gallons, so they are asking residents to not use as much water.

Josiah Walls and other children are trying to take care of the Dickerson Park Garden in Monroe, which is starting to show the stress from the dry weather.

They are using rain barrels to collect and use the little that has fallen.

There is not a good chance of storms this week, which means more challenges ahead.

The week of the Fourth of July is anticipated to be hot and humid for the area, with the heat index into the 100s and a low chance for rain in Union County as well.

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