Vehicle fire causes massive explosion at NC gas station

Vehicle fire causes massive explosion at NC gas station

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — Nobody was hurt after a scary situation in Jacksonville Saturday afternoon in which a car caught fire at a gas station and caused nearby gas pumps to explode.

Jacksonville resident Doug Lange captured video of the scene, showing firefighters battling the blaze, and then people clearing away as the gas pumps exploded.

Jacksonville gas station fire: Courtesy Doug Lange

{Videos by Doug Lange)

Channel 9 ABC affiliate WCTI reports the fire ultimately spread from the first vehicle to a second, in addition to damaging the gas pumps at the Neighborhood Walmart on Western Blvd.

Jacksonville Fire Department Battalion Chief Kevin Davis told WCTI the fire was called in around 1 p.m. on Saturday. The pumps at the gas station were shut off shortly after the flames were spotted, preventing an even bigger fire.

Jacksonville gas station fire 1: Courtesy Doug Lange

The gas station closed for the rest of the day following the fire. There is no timetable as to how long it will take to reopen.

Jacksonville gas station fire 2: Courtesy Doug Lange