‘Very creepy’: Homeowner says people used her address to apply for credit card, insurance

CHARLOTTE — A southwest Charlotte woman is trying to get to the bottom of a mail mystery.

Christina Tarola told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke that people she’s never heard of seem to be using her address, trying to trick a credit card company and an insurance company.

“Names I’ve never heard of, people we’ve never met, and no idea where they live,” she said. “Very creepy.”

You may be thinking maybe those people used to live at her address and still get mail there, but Tarola says she bought her house new so she’s the only one who’s ever had that address.

She says two letters were from Liberty Mutual. “It was someone who was saying that they were parking their car here in our garage, looking for an insurance policy,” she said.

She says another letter was for a credit card through Chase.

The letters were not advertisements or generic mailers.

“They were denied the credit card, and they were also denied the insurance policy, which was great, but it freaked me out enough to reach out to both companies,” she said.

She may never know why people picked her address. She thinks maybe it has something to do with her moving; her house is currently under contract.

No matter the reason, her bigger concern is what other information such as her social security number or her husband’s or children the people may have.

If you think someone is misusing your personal information, you may not be able to stop that person, but you can protect your identity:

- Freeze your family’s credit. You should anyway.

- Keep a close eye on your bank accounts.

- Remember, there’s no such thing as junk mail. Don’t just throw it away. Make sure someone isn’t using your information to get into mischief.

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