WARNING: Razor blades found in North Carolina gas pump handles, police say

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Police officers in western North Carolina are warning people after razor blades were found in gas pump handles in multiple locations, the Forest City Police Department reported.

The Department of Agriculture found the first razors at three businesses during a routine inspection, which prompted a search of other pumps and stations.

The rusty razors were found at the BP on South Broadway Street and at the Shell station at the 74 Junction, according to ABC affiliate WLOS. Photos show rusted blades attached to gas pumps.

The blades were also found at several other gas stations in Rutherford County, which is near Cleveland County.

“We are actively investigating these instances now in cooperation with the state Department of Agriculture and will follow up with more information when available,” the Forest City Police Department said in a statement. “In the meantime, please be aware of your surroundings while pumping gas, and always check before grabbing the gas pump handle.”

Channel 9′s Dave Faherty spotted Forest City investigators at one of the convenience stores checking the pumps for evidence.

“It’s a very evil thing to do, for lack of a better word,” said Forest City Det. Chris Hopper. “It’s just mean-spirited.”

At one of the businesses along Highway 74, Faherty saw investigators already reviewing surveillance video. They believe the person responsible has been gluing or taping the razor blades to the pumps in an effort to cut someone.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with people. I’m scared,” said customer Barbara Murray. “People are crazy.”

“Takes a lowlife to just go out here and hurt people out of pure meanness,” customer James Ward said.

At one store, Faherty could see the clerk checking every single pump. Everyone wants to know who did this -- and why.

“Pretty sick individuals,” said customer Freddie Phillips. “Charges brought against them to the extreme.”

Police in Forest City said they were working closely with sheriff’s deputies who are also working a case near Ellendale.

Faherty also asked about charges. He was told they’ll most likely be damage to property charges, but could be much more serious if someone ends up getting hurt.

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