Warrants detail alleged abuse against Erica Parsons

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — Channel 9 has learned more from the warrants about the alleged abuse that Erica Parsons endured.

The warrants lay out some very serious abuse allegations that paint a disturbing picture of Erica's life.

The family's attorney cautioned against taking those allegations as fact.

He said the two parents are doing everything they can to find Erica.

Allegations of physical abuse, emotional abuse and disdain toward Erica are laid out in the warrant.

IMAGES: Search warrants released in Erica Parsons case

According to the paperwork, investigators were told the Casey Parsons told a family member she "can't stand to look at Erica and she said she reminds her of Carolyn (Erica's biological mother) and she hates Carolyn."

The warrant said investigators were told that Casey brought Erica to stay with another family member and showed them bruises on the girl.

The paperwork said, "This family member state Casey Parsons said she lost control and beat her."

The Parsons' attorney said just because those statements are in these court documents doesn't mean they are true.

"Take it for what it's worth, anything anybody said they can stick in there to get probable cause, so we don't put any trust in that at all," said attorney Carlyle Sherrill.

The warrant also said that investigators noticed Casey Parsons referred to Erica in the past tense when doing news interviews saying, "She was a teenager" and, "She was with her grandparent."

The investigator said in the warrant, "I found these statements to be inconsistent since the Parsons claim to have left Erica alive, well and happy with her biological grandmother."

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