Watch out for scammers hoping to use stimulus checks as excuse into your life

You should get federal stimulus money soon and the IRS is worried about all the new scams it’ll probably trigger.

“Just for people to be vigilant and be aware. The scammers are out there. The fraudsters are out there. They are looking for ways to take advantage of people in this time right now,” Matthew Line, IRS special agent in charge for Charlotte told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke.


Most people will get their money automatically. You don’t have to do anything. So if someone contacts you to take any action, that’s already a red flag.


  • The IRS won’t call, text or email you.
  • It won’t ask you for your bank information.
  • It won’t ask you to confirm personal information.
  • It won’t send you links to click on to speed things up.
  • It won’t ask you to “pay” money to “get” your money. So no fee or shipping cost.
  • And it won’t send you a check for “too much” money and ask you to send back the extra.

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If you really think it is the IRS contacting you, contact the agency directly. Don’t use the number on your Caller ID. You don’t want to call the scammers right back. Use this contact information.