Water supply in the green despite lack of rain

Oct. 4, 2022: This photo was taken at the top of Grandfather Mountain, near the Top Shop parking area. Typically a showstopper early in the season, the wild blueberries, also known as huckleberries, have turned a beautiful red at higher elevations. Grandfather Mountain and its immediate area are still mostly green with hints that a nice fall season is ahead of us. The weather this week is picture perfect with sunny days and chilly nights, also great ingredients for fall color progression.

CHARLOTTE — The water supply for our region is good despite the lack of rainfall, meteorologist John Ahrens said.

Ahrens spoke with officials who said soil moisture and hydrology are doing well.

It’s been very dry but not enough to cause an alarm, at this point.

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There has not been any rain since Aug. 29 and there isn’t any in the forecast for another 10 days.

Anson and Chester counties are under a moderate drought and if conditions persist, others will be added to that list.

Below: The latest forecast