Where can you find an at-home COVID-19 test?

CHARLOTTE — With the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, many people are trying to find at-home testing kits. Although these kits can be hard to find, especially if you need or want one right away, there are some available.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke found some on Amazon, but none he could get within 24 hours — estimated delivery dates varied from Jan. 6-11 and Jan. 18-21 to “within 6 days.”

Stoogenke also checked several chain pharmacies’ websites and said ordering the kits online seemed to be a problem, but some sites said kits may be available at the stores. However, there was no way of knowing which locations had tests without going in person -- so that’s what he did.

His first stop was at Target in the University area, which has a CVS pharmacy inside. There were no tests available there. He also struck out at the nearby Walmart, multiple Harris Teeter stores and a CVS in Plaza Midwood, which had a sign on the door stating it was out of stock.

Stoogenke did find tests at Walgreens in the University area. The store had two different brands in stock.

His advice if you are searching for an at-home test:

  • Kits range in price, but many cost between $20-$30.
  • Like anything else, watch out for scammers selling fake ones.
  • Make sure to get one that’s authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. It should say it on the box, but here is a list of approved COVID-19 home tests.

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