While SC isn’t proposing vaccine incentives, some businesses are

SOUTH CAROLINA — In South Carolina, it’s been crickets when it comes to the possibility of the state offering vaccine incentives, but that doesn’t mean North Carolina gets to have all the fun.

“I’m not looking down on anyone who doesn’t decide to do it ‘cause my parents decided to do it, but I’ve not decided to do it yet,” said Danny Catoe, who is not vaccinated.

The question in many states is how to get people like Catoe, who are on the fence about the vaccine, to take the shot.

With vaccine participation rates falling across the country, some states have come up with lottery-like contests to take the shot.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper promised something this week, whatever the law allows, but in South Carolina, state leaders have been quiet on the topic.

Catoe said an incentive would not affect his decision.

“I feel like it’s your decision to get vaccinated, and you shouldn’t have to have an incentive to do so,” Catoe said.

While the state isn’t proposing anything, some businesses are.

Starting this week, Kroger and Harris Tetter are giving away $1 million to a lucky vaccine recipient every week for the next five weeks, and 50 lucky winners will get free groceries for a year.

CVS is giving away a super bowl trip, cruises and $5,000 gift cards.

“It’s a double-edged sword. Like, we want everybody to get vaccinated, and hopefully, everybody will, but if that’s private money that’s fine. If that’s taxpayer money, that’s a different story,” said Jeff Brunelle, who is vaccinated.

Brunelle said his incentive is not a trip, but protecting his family.

(Watch Below: SC lawmaker pushes $1M lottery incentive to boost vaccines)