Why scammers choose this specific amount for Zelle con

CHARLOTTE — For months Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke has been investigating scams involving the popular money app, Zelle. Now, he’s learning why a specific dollar amount keeps showing up in these cases.

Many alleged victims say the scammers got away with exactly $3,500. At least six people reported that amount to Stoogenke.

He researched similar cases across the country and many of those victims lost $3,500 as well.

Stoogenke checked Zelle’s transfer limits, but the company says the amount is up to individual banks. .

He checked with Bank of America and Wells Fargo and discovered that the daily transfer limit for both banks is $3,500.

It appears scammers know this and go for the maximum amount allowed.

“I feel stupid for falling for the scam,” Darlene Guile said. “The only reason the money was even available in my checking account to go through with that was because we had just gotten our taxes back.”

Stoogenke warns that if someone texts or calls you about a bank issue and it involves $3,500, you may be talking to a scammer.