Woman accused of breaking into Myers Park home, attacking victim, stealing SUV

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police are asking for help to identify a woman who they said robbed and assaulted another woman inside her Myers Park home.

Detectives said the suspect broke into the victim's home on Ardsley Road Thursday afternoon, attacked her and then stole her SUV.

The victim contacted Channel 9 after seeing surveillance footage broadcasted during the morning show.

“So, I went on Channel 9 news and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that's her,” the victim said. “Because that's what she was wearing to work yesterday.”

The victim is convinced her attacker is someone she worked with for a couple of weeks on temporary jobs. She said her co-worker acted strangely.

“That's definitely her, and I saw the glasses, and I saw her face and then she'd go and do something like this,” the victims said.

She provided the name of the perpetrator to Channel 9’s Mark Becker, who passed that information along to authorities.

Trevor Padgett said he was working on a plumbing job nearby Thursday when he heard a woman screaming.

“About 30 seconds later, I see the suspect and the mom come outside, running out to the car, fighting over, to get in the car,” Padgett said. “And she about hit three or four cars here down at the stop sign -- went in the grass, turned right on Queens and booked it.”

He called police as the assailant drove off.

Police released photos of both the suspect and the stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee, which has a North Carolina tag BHZ-8006.

Detectives think the suspect is in her early 20s. They said she was wearing large, square-framed glasses, gray sweatpants and a black hooded pullover with the word “Thrasher” across the front.

If you know who the attacker is or if you’ve seen the SUV, call police immediately.

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