Charlotte woman claims call center agent used racial slurs

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte woman said an agent with North Carolina's unemployment office made racial comments when she called for help with her claim.

She says that call center agent was rude and laughed at her requests to speak with a supervisor.

The woman recorded the call because of the agent’s behavior while on the phone call.

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“Are you still waiting for me to hang up, because I want to speak to your manager,” she asked the agent. “I guess black lives really don’t matter.”

The woman said that question happened about 15 minutes into their call.

She contacted the state employment office Friday morning trying to follow up on a claim from almost two weeks ago.

The woman said the agent denied her request to speak with a supervisor.

“It’s enough losing your job and not being able to take care of your family like you want to, but to be degraded doing such,” the woman said. “Someone needs to know, and someone needs to put a check to it and a stop to it.”

The Department of Commerce confirmed they’ve launched an investigation. It said one of their agents has been pulled from service—and the behavior she described is not acceptable.