Woman delivering for UPS shocked when homeowner points gun

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Nile Price has been working two holiday seasons delivering for UPS.

While on one of her routes Saturday, Price said a man pointed a gun at her as she was trying to deliver a package on Asbury Chapel Road in Huntersville.

“I have the flashers on, and I’m yelling out the window 'Hey, can you get your dog? I’m UPS I have a package for you,'” Price said.

She said the man came to the door and slammed it.

“I honked again. He came back to the door with a rifle pointed like this,” Price said. When the man's father came outside, she said, “I asked him why would he point a rifle, and he said, 'Well, we don’t know who you are.'"

She said the man complained that UPS needs to give her a decal for her car.

UPS sent a statement supporting Price, saying personal vehicle drivers wear uniforms and are trained to identify themselves. The company does not issue badging for personal vehicles.

This is not unique to UPS. Amazon and other couriers use personal delivery drivers during the holidays.

Neighbors say more identification would help, especially in rural areas. “It’s a little bit concerning now. It kind of put you on alert,” said neighbor Dewayne Rosenbaum.

“I think what’s important is that we want safety to be paramount on the customer side and the driver side,” said Lt. Andrew Dempski, with the Huntersville Police Department.

Police recommend any shoppers who have concerns about unmarked delivery vehicles to track their packages or pick them up.

Price later went to the Mecklenburg County Magistrate's office to file charges against the man, Kelly Still. The sheriff's office confirmed there is a warrant for Still's arrest for assault by pointing a gun.

Still's father, George Still, told Channel 9 he feels the incident could have been avoided if UPS provided drivers using their personal cars with decals for easier identification. He feels the company could be putting drivers at risk.

He said their family receives 2-3 deliveries a week and have lived in their home for more than 40 years and have only seen drivers in branded delivery vehicles.

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