Woman forgives son for her father's murder

RICHFIELD, N.C. — Sandra Steen invited Eyewitness News anchor Allison Latos to her peaceful family farm in Richfield, a place she's called home since she was 6 years old.

Three years ago, her son, Jeffery Steen, killed his 87-year-old grandfather, then attacked her, leaving her for dead in the yard.

“I was worried I was going to die,” Sandra Steen said.

VIDEO: Steen talks about day of attack. Click Play

Steen said the attack left her with bruises and broken bones, and her neck was in a brace.

In 2013, Jeffery Steen spoke to Channel 9 at the scene of the crime.

“Not sure what kind of person would do something like that,” he told Channel 9.

Police said money was his motive, and earlier this month, a Rowan County jury convicted Jeffrey Steen of murder and attempted murder.

“Finally, we got justice for daddy,” Sandra Steen said.

Steen said she struggles with the fact that her son is now in prison.

VIDEO: Steen talks about her son being in prison. Click Play.

His conviction and the heartache of her father's death haven't destroyed this mother's love for her son.

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