Woman successfully sues Wells Fargo after remote access scam

Lauren Blythe lost thousands to a scammer

CHARLOTTE — A woman who lost thousands of dollars right before her wedding is getting her money back after a battle with the bank.

Lauren Martin, now Lauren Blythe, told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke earlier this year that a scammer called her and spoofed her bank’s phone number.

The scammer claimed to be a representative with her bank and told her someone was trying to steal her money. The scammer talked her into giving remote access to her phone -- then the scammer took more than $9,400.

“You’re angry, you’re sad, you’re mad; you just feel so bad that the majority of that money was my parents’,” Martin said.

Banks typically take responsibility if a hacker gets into your account, but not if you voluntarily hand over money, even if you were tricked into it.

Wells Fargo wouldn’t replace her money, so she sued the bank in small claims court.

Lauren ended up winning in court, getting her full amount back plus court fees.

We’ve asked Wells Fargo for a comment about the case.

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