Woman who runs transitional housing for those in need given new home by 'angel'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte woman has devoted her life to helping women and children who have been forced to live out on the street.

Sonja Chisholm, who founded Gracious Hands Traditional Housing, opens up her home to families in need.

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However, her dream nearly ended before she said an angel came to help.

“My women and my children are safe now,” Chisholm said.

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Chisholm needed a house, not for herself, but for homeless women and children.

Three years ago, she opened a transitional house, using a rental property, but recently feared eviction.

She also reported issues with the living conditions there, including raw sewage.

“As we were going through what we were going through, I told them, I said, ‘OK, I need for you guys to stay focused,'” Chisholm said.

A few weeks ago, everything changed.

A woman she calls an “angel” stopped by and bought her a house.

“An angel heard the story,” Chisholm said, “It was so cool how she did that. She came in. We bonded.”

The house has four bedrooms, multiple floors and it’s paid for.

“She said, ‘I know you're wondering why I'm here,’ and I said, ‘Yes,’” Chisholm said  “She said, ‘I'm here to buy you that house

Chisholm said the best thing of it all has been the reaction of the women and children she’s helping.

She received a letter from a child, saying: “Even though my mom and I have had trouble with living situations and family issues these past couple months, we are blessed to be able to get help from Ms. Sonja with Gracious Hands, and I am beyond grateful.”

Over the years, Gracious Hands has served nearly 130 women. More than 40 percent of them have moved out on their own.

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