York County leaders vote against new mobile home community

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — York County leaders voted against a new mobile home community that would have replaced an older one with more homes.

Some had hoped the project would help address the affordable housing crisis.

The developer wanted to build on 155 acres of land off Highway 5 between Rock Hill and York. It would have replaced the current mobile home community that sits on 10 acres.

Some York County council members said the size of the proposed project was a reason it was voted down.

In fact, only two leaders voted in support of the project saying it could help low-income families in the area.

“We were very excited,” Kate Thomas said.

Thomas hoped the developer’s plan to build a new mobile home community would come to light.

She and others in the current mobile home park on McAfee Court planned to move into the new homes.

“It was sad to sit in the meeting and hear our own council member vote against us,” Thomas said.

Thomas was referring to a meeting on March 6 when council members spoke out against and for the project.

“It’s very concerning to me because it changes the landscape of this area,” Council member Allison Love said.

“I am not for high density anywhere in this county,” Council member Tommy Adkins said. “I’m sick of it.”

Council member William Bump Roddey voted in favor of the plan because he said it would have added quality affordable housing that many people in the county need.

“When you look at the plans, the dynamics that this would have encompassed with paved roads, curbs, and gutters, sidewalks, picnic area, this would not have been the trailer park of 1970,” Roddey said.

Roddey said he’s hopeful the developer will come back with another plan.

In the meantime, he’s sending a message to his peers.

“I’ve been on council for a while and we don’t do anything to take that next step to assist or make it available to developers,” he said. “We can’t solve affordable housing if we’re not willing to take these steps as a county.”

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