‘You could fit a city bus in there’: People in east Charlotte neighborhood worry about huge sinkhole

CHARLOTTE — Homeowners in an east Charlotte neighborhood are having a tough time trying to get a massive sinkhole fixed.

Steve Miller owns a condominium in the Devonshire Court community. He said people started noticing the sinkhole several months ago. Now, it’s hard not to notice it.

“It’s quite large. You could fit a city bus in there quite easily,” Miller said.

Miller said it’s growing and threatening two condominium buildings, including the one his unit is in.

“We’re very concerned about our property and everyone else’s,” he said.

He’s also concerned about where residents will go if the buildings do become dangerous to live in.

“With the housing crisis … having a place to live,” he said. Also, many worry about children and pets getting hurt.

Matthew Thomas and Morgan Forbis have a dog. “She would see the orange (fencing) and just take off, and it would just be a downhill battle from there,” Thomas told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. “And I have a brother that brings his kids by here too.”

Miller said the Homeowners Association asked the city to fix it, but the city said it doesn’t have jurisdiction there. It told Stoogenke water is coming from the neighborhood’s streets. It said those streets are private and the water and sewer lines below the ground in the neighborhood are private too. So, the problem is the neighborhood’s responsibility.

“The city’s put a figure of about $95,000 on the repairs,” Miller said.

Miller said the HOA has insurance, but that it is not clear if it would cover any repairs. He also said residents can’t afford any extra HOA fee to pay the tab or even a lawyer to help them find a way out of it.

Miller said the HOA reached out to two city council members for help.

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