National search team interested in helping to find missing SC toddler

COLUMBIA, S.C.,None — The same organization that searched for Caylee Anthony met Friday night to discuss helping in the search for missing toddler Amir Jennings.

The director of Texas Equusearch said this case is getting his attention because Amir's own mother refuses to say where he is. And as police try to get the truth from his mother, he wants to search for Amir.

He only needs police in Columbia, S.C. to give him a call.

In 2008, the world watched as Texas Equusearch searched the swamps of Florida, looking for little Caylee Anthony.

Tim Miller, the group's director, said he wants to devote the same attention to finding Amir.

"I truly believe that God puts us in the right spot in the right time in so many of these cases," Miller said.

Amir's family spoke publicly for the first time Friday afternoon. His grandmother, Jocelyn Jennings, described him as a bright, healthy baby who loves nursery rhymes.

"My family and I are requesting your support and helping us to find his location, and to bring him home," said Jennings.

That's exactly what Texas Equusearch wants to do. The group's board of directors talked on the phone Friday night and discussed a plan to get involved in the case.

"If we are contacted on that and law enforcement is OK with us coming in and taking a look at it, yeah, this is something I'd certainly do," Miller said.

Amir's mother, Zinah Jennings, is still in jail. She's being held on a $150,000 bond for refusing to tell investigators what happened to her son.

Search warrants show she told investigators only lies as they looked for him for the past few weeks.

Police believe Amir could be in Charlotte, because the boy's father once lived here.

"I believe Amir could be in the Atlanta area, Charlotte area, or even Columbia, our home," Jocelyn Jennings said.

Tim Miller said his team would isolate the search by working with detectives to see which cellphone towers recorded pings from Zinah Jenning's phone.

Eyewitness News asked Columbia police Friday night if they're considering asking Equusearch to step in. They did not respond Friday night.

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