Ryan Garcia suspended 1 year, Devin Haney win turned into no contest after testing positive for banned substance: Report

The surreal sequence events that began with Ryan Garcia's career-making win over Devin Haney has resulted in a year-long suspension for the mercurial boxer, according to veteran reporter Dan Rafael.

Garcia's settlement with the New York State Athletic Commission will also reportedly see him lose his victory over Haney, with the fight officially becoming a no contest. He will be forced to forfeit his $1.1 million contract purse and pay a $10,000 fine, the state maximum.

Haney welcomed the news.

Garcia tested positive for Ostarine, listed by WADA as an anabolic agent, after defeating Haney by majority decision in April and soon had his B-sample test positive as well. The development tainted a win that could have catapulted Garcia into true boxing stardom, with three knockdowns of the WBC lightweight champ.

That win already had something of an asterisk due to Garcia coming in more than three pounds overweight, costing him $1.5 million via an ill-advised bet made with Haney the day before.

While the NYSAC decided a suspension was warranted, Garcia's camp noted that two supplements the boxer declared to doping authorities had tested positive for Ostarine contamination, indicating that Garcia didn't knowingly ingest the substance. A lack of a track record and a clean hair sample bolstered that argument.

Per documents obtained by ESPN, the supplements at issue are raspberry-lemonade flavored NutraBio SuperCarb (which tested positive for Ostarine at 70-2200 picograms per gram powder) and Body Health strawberry-flavored amino-acid blend (660 to 830 picograms)

Ryan Garcia claimed he was retiring amid bizarre string of incidents

While the matter of Garcia's positive tests has been closed, that is only one part of an incredibly turbulent year for a boxer who can be unstable in the best of times.

Since the beginning of 2024, Garcia has...

It was with that context that Garcia posted another social media rant on Wednesday, in which he proclaimed "I'm officially retired" and "Forget I existed everyone."

Given everything that's happened with Garcia in the past six months, it's hard to take that retirement announcement seriously, but it also can't be ignored. It is absolutely a mystery when Garcia will next fight, and not just because of his suspension.

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