• Haley, Johnson Win Big In Runoff Elections

    None - In a clear sign of racial progress in the South, Republicans overwhelmingly chose Nikki Haley, an Indian-American woman, to run for governor in South Carolina.

    "South Carolina just showed the rest of the country what we're made of," Haley said following her victory. "It's a new day in our state, and I am very blessed to be a part of it."

    With her victory, Haley moved one step closer to becoming the first female governor in the conservative-leaning state. She also secured her place as a rising female star in the GOP, if not potential 2012 vice presidential candidate in the early primary state.

    She stands as the front-runner in the race against the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, state Sen. Vincent Sheheen. The disgraced GOP Gov. Mark Sanford is leaving the post because of term limits.

    Haley, 38, brushed aside allegations of marital infidelity and an ethnic slur to come within a percentage point of winning the gubernatorial nod outright on June 8. She had 65 percent of the vote to 35 percent for Rep. Gresham Barrett.

    A retired television sportscaster has won the Republican primary over a former U.S. Army paratrooper in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District.

    "This campaign moving forward is going to come down to one issue it's one issue only-- it's jobs, jobs jobs, (clap). That's it," Howard said.

    Harold Johnson will take on first-term Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell in November.

    Johnson defeated Tim D'Annunzio in Tuesday's runoff in District 8, covering several south-central counties. Johnson received 61 percent of the vote compared to 39 percent for D'Annunzio.

    VIDEO: Johnson Wins GOP Nomination For 8th Congressional District

    Johnson worked at WSOC-TV before retiring in 2006.

    Cal Cunningham is endorsing rival Elaine Marshall after her win in North Carolina's Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

    Marshall said in an interview with The Associated Press that she would invite Cunningham to join her campaign when she faces GOP Sen. Richard Burr in the fall.

    South Carolina voters have nominated a black Republican state lawmaker for an open congressional seat, rejecting one of the state's legendary political names.

    Tim Scott beat Paul Thurmond, the son of the late U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond, in a GOP runoff Tuesday in the state's coastal 1st District.

    Scott is now a heavy favorite in a district that has elected a Republican congressman for three decades. He is poised to become the nation's first black GOP congressman since 2003 when Oklahoma's J.C. Watts retired.

    Scott faces Democrat Ben Frasier, who also is black.

    Florence County councilman Ken Ard has won the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor in South Carolina.

    Ard defeated Orangeburg lawyer and military veteran Bill Connor in Tuesday's GOP runoff and will face Democratic Charleston lawyer Ashley Cooper in November.

    The lieutenant governor succeeds the governor should the top officeholder die or leave office. Official duties include presiding over the Senate and overseeing the state Office on Aging.

    The son of Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson has won the GOP nomination for South Carolina's attorney general.

    Alan Wilson won Tuesday's Republican runoff over private practice attorney Leighton Lord.

    Wilson faces Democrat Matthew Richardson in the general election.

    Race Results

    U.S. Senate, North Carolina Democratic Runoff 2,763 of 2,763 precincts • Elaine Marshall: 94,672 votes, 60% • Cal Cunningham: 63,290, 40%

    U.S. Congress, 8th District, North Carolina Republican Runoff 207 of 207 precincts • Harold Johnson: 9,222 votes, 61% • Tim D'Annunzio: 5,855 votes, 39%

    U.S. Congress, 12th District, North Carolina Republican Runoff 185 of 185 precincts • Greg Dority: 1,441 votes, 52% • Scott Cumbie: 1,347 votes, 48%

    Governor, South Carolina Republican Runoff 2,109 of 2,109 precincts • Gresham Barrett: 125,408 votes, 35% • Nikki Haley: 233,332 votes, 65%

    Lieutenant Governor, South Carolina Republican Runoff 2,109 of 2,109 precincts • Ken Ard: 207,483 votes, 61% • Bill Connor: 130,729 votes, 39%

    Attorney General, South Carolina Republican Runoff 2,109 of 2,109 precincts • Leighton Lord: 138,292 votes, 40% • Alan Wilson: 205,793 votes, 60%

    State Superintendent of Education, South Carolina Republican Runoff 2,109 of 2,109 precincts • Elizabeth Moffly: 152,285 votes, 46% • Mick Zais: 180,182 votes, 54%

    Alexander County Commission, At-Large, Republican Runoff 16 of 16 precincts • James Jennings: 1,043 votes, 61% • Eric Bumgarner: 667 votes, 39%

    Alexander County Sheriff, Republican Runoff 16 of 16 precincts • Mark Sharpe: 744 votes, 43% • Larry Yoder: 970 votes, 57%

    Iredell County Commission, Republican Runoff 29 of 29 precincts • Renee Griffith: 1,071 votes, 57% • Alice Stewart: 816 votes, 43%

    Lincoln County Commission, Republican Runoff 28 of 28 precincts • Cecilia Martin: 1,801 votes, 46% • Jim Klein: 2,110 votes, 54%

    Rowan County Commission, Republican Runoff 44 of 44 precincts • Tina Hall: 951 votes, 19% • Chad Mitchell: 3,962 votes, 81%

    York County Council, District 1, Republican Runoff 22 of 22 precincts • David Bowman: 1,590 votes, 54% • Kyle Boyd: 1,339 votes, 46%

    York County Council, District 3, Republican Runoff 12 of 12 precincts • Joseph Cox: 810 votes, 45% • Eric Winstead: 990 votes, 55%

    York County Council, District 6, Republican Runoff 17 of 17 precincts • Britt Blackwell: 1,679 votes, 55% • Buddy Motz: 1,356 votes, 45%

    S.C. House, District 41, Democratic Runoff 2 of 2 counties reporting • Boyd Brown: 2,119 votes, 52% • Kamau Marcharia: 1,953 votes, 48%

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