• Special Needs Boy Removed From Church Service

    MATTHEWS, N.C.,None - The mother of 12-year-old Jackson Helms said her son was removed from Elevation Church for being a "distraction" during their Easter service on April 24.

    He has cerebral palsy.

    She was supposed to meet with the church leaders to discuss what happened, but the pastor canceled the meeting when he heard she had contacted Channel 9.

    We spoke with Jackson's mother, Kelly Helms, today, and she says each day is a little tougher for Jackson than it is for normal children.

    "Easter Sunday he got all dressed up, got ready to go, no small feat with a kiddo like him," she said. But, right after the opening prayer inside Elevation's sanctuary that Sunday, Helms said Jackson voiced his own kind of "Amen."

    WATCH: Special Needs Boy Removed From Church Service

    "We were very abruptly escorted out." Kelly Helms said.

    Helms said a volunteer at Elevation took her and Jackson to the lobby to wait out the remainder of the service.

    Helms said it was not a good feeling but saw an opportunity to contact the pastor with an offer to start a ministry for special needs children. She says the idea was rejected.

    When Eyewitness News went to Elevation Church, an employee told us they focus on worship and not ministries.

    But Elevation Church officials emailed Eyewitness News Wednesday night after our story aired. In a statement, a spokeswoman said "Everything we do is about ministry. We focus specifically on our worship and children's ministries – and we partner with many other ministries in Charlotte."

    The church statement continued to say "...this young man and his family were not removed from our church. They were escorted to a nearby section of our church where they watched the service in its entirety.".

    Earlier Wednesday, the church issued a statement that said, "It is our goal at Elevation to offer a distraction free environment for all our guests. We look forward to resolving any misunderstanding that has occurred."

    Even though the pastor canceled the meeting with Kelly Helms, he called the Mecklenburg County ARC, an advocacy group for the disabled, and asked for special needs training for his staff.

    When Channel 9 told Helms, she said this was the answer to her prayers.

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