Third person sues tiny house developer Action 9 has been investigating

Action 9: Customers sue tiny house developer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Keyo Tiny House advertised two entire neighborhoods of trendy tiny homes. The first was supposed to be in west Charlotte, named Keyo Park West.

The second was supposed to be in Matthews, called Keyo Park East.

[Action 9: Customers sue tiny house developer]

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Patrick Tobin said he put down $4,000 for one of the houses in September 2017. He told Action 9's Jason Stoogenke that Keyo gave him the runaround and then stopped giving him updates about a year ago.

Tobin claims he never got a tiny house -- or his money back.

"A nightmare, to say the least,” he told Channel 9. “It’s been incredibly frustrating too, as a young professional, somebody who this was going to be my first home purchase, it’s incredibly frustrating to put your trust into a builder and get super excited about something."

Two other people are also suing the developer. Lindsay Wetzel and Deborah Rivera said they also put down $4,000 each and didn't get tiny houses, or refunds.

Stoogenke emailed Keyo's owner, Kelvin Young but Young's lawyer said they won't comment while they're in litigation.

All three plaintiffs are also suing the well-known real estate business, Savvy and Company.

The lawsuits claim that business was closely tied to the advertising and marketing of the tiny houses.

Stoogenke has emailed Savvy but has yet to hear back.