• Florida teacher accused of talking about sex in graphic detail, pouring holy water on co-workers

    By: Meghan Moriarty, ActionNewsJax.com


    A former Florida middle school teacher's educator's certificate was permanently revoked on Friday.

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    According to a report from the Education Practices Commission of the State of Florida, former Columbia County teacher Yessenia Gallardo allegedly talked about her sexual exploits in lewd details, using phrases like "booty calls" and other provocative language.

    She also attempted to anoint staff members with holy water and proclaimed she shared DNA with Jesus and Mary, the report said. Gallardo also repeatedly touched male teachers. This allegedly occurred during her time as a Spanish teacher at Lake City Middle School.

    "I would much rather homeschool my son," Stella Jimenez, a mother who lives down the street from the middle school, said. "It's like, wow, that's not what I want for my kid."

    The seven-page report said Gallardo willingly gave up her teaching certificate, which means she's not admitting to the allegations against her, but she's also not denying thm. She cannot reapply for a certificate.

    "I'm glad that she's not gonna be teaching anymore," Jimenez said.

    ActionNewsJax contacted Gallardo to hear her side of the story, but she did not respond.


    ActionNewsJax also contacted Columbia County Schools Superintendent. He responded saying this:

    "The teacher in question was released from teaching in August of 2018 from the CCS."

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