Man builds 1 million-penny pyramid in attempt to break world record

FILE PHOTO: Cory Nielsen is hoping to get a 1,030,315-million penny pyramid added to the Guinness World Records book. 

PHOENIX — An Arizona man is hoping to cash in on his penchant for stacking coins.

Cory Nielsen, 55, of Phoenix, has spent three years meticulously stacking more than 1 million coins without using any glue, tacks or welds -- they are simply balanced together, the New York Post reported.

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Nielsen is hoping to get the 1,030,315-million penny pyramid added to the Guinness World Records book.

His request is under review, Rachel Gluck, spokeswoman for Guinness World Records, told the Post.

The current record belongs to Vytautas Jakštas and Domas Jokubauskis, of Lithuania, who built a 1,000,935-coin pyramid at the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania Nov. 29, 2014, Gluck told the Post.

He has created more than 40 videos on his aptly named "Penny Building Fool" channel as the project has progressed. A six-minute time-lapse video compresses the 1.8 years it actually took Nielsen to construct it.

Nielsen plans to destroy the pyramid in another YouTube video and then cash in the $10,303.15 worth of coins.

After that, Nielsen plans to stack larger coins.

"I'm going to attempt to work with a local casino and make a pyramid of 4.1 million quarters that would beat my record," Nielsen told the Post.