Alabama mass shooting sees 13 injured early Sunday morning

A house party with possibly more than 1,000 people attending led to a mass shooting in Montgomery, Alabama early Sunday morning, leaving 13 people injured by gunshots and hit by vehicles fleeing the scene, reported.

One woman was cut by glass. None of the injuries were life-threatening, according to Montgomery police.

The party was illegal, according to police, because many people spilled out of the house onto the lawn, the Montgomery-based Alabama Reporter wrote. What caused the violence is not clear, but the Alabama Reporter said social media posts indicated it began as an argument that escalated into gunfire.

The Alabama state capital has been plagued by shooting incidents for months.

In an afternoon press conference, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed said, “I’m not proud to be standing here today talking about another issue of gun violence in our city.”

“We’ve got to make sure that in our city there’s a greater appreciation for life, there’s a greater appreciation for conflict resolution, there’s a greater appreciation for de-escalating situations without pulling a gun,” Reed said. “These events cannot continue to happen. We will not stand for it.”

Acting Police Chief John Hall said the Montgomery Police Department is working with the FBI and ATF in the search for the shooters and the weapons they used. More than 300 rounds were fired, police said.

WSFA reported that nine people were shot and four more went to the emergency room by private vehicles. Three juveniles were among the wounded, police said.

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