Coronavirus: Social distancing taking a toll on English bulldog, Big Poppa

ATLANTA — Melancholy. Heartbroken. Sadness.

The image of a wistful English bulldog shows that social distancing can even take a toll on pets.

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Big Poppa, a 3-year-old English bulldog, is used to playing with children who live in his building, but he has not been able to since social distancing and other restrictions were instituted because of the coronavirus, his owner Rashida Ellis said in a social media post Tuesday of her best friend.

"The sad thing is we have to social-distance even him," Ellis told BuzzFeed News. "When he's inside, he just walks out to the patio looking for people. He's sleeping more. He's a little sluggish. I can tell he's not as happy and excited as he usually is. He's probably tired of just me playing with him."

Ellis was working Tuesday afternoon when she noticed Big Poppa staring longingly at children playing in the courtyard, BuzzFeed reported. He even made noises to try and get their attention.

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"I think this picture of Big Poppa went viral because it represents all of us,” Ellis told WTSP. “We are sad because we can't hang out with friends and family but at the same time we need to flatten the curve. Poppa is definitely choosing to flatten the curve.”

Gov. Brian Kemp is discussing the possibility of a plan to reopen some shuttered businesses and other facilities in the state.

There are 20,523 confirmed cases and 863 deaths from the coronavirus in Georgia, according to the New York Times.