Ex-Atlanta cop who killed Lyft driver said man tried recruiting him into ‘gay fraternity’

UNION CITY, Ga. — An Atlanta police officer accused of fatally shooting his Lyft driver on Wednesday told a witness the driver was “in a gay fraternity and was trying to recruit” him, court records show.

Koby Minor, 34, told the woman he thought he was being kidnapped, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by WSB-TV in Atlanta.

CNN identified the slain man as Reginald Folks, 35, of Atlanta. Minor has been charged with murder and aggravated assault in his death.

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Minor, who was already on administrative leave following a December arrest in nearby Milton, submitted his resignation following his murder arrest on Wednesday, Atlanta police officials said.

Minor told detectives in Union City, where the shooting took place, that he called for a Lyft ride just after midnight Wednesday as he was leaving the home of another Atlanta police officer. When Folks arrived, Minor climbed into the back seat and they began driving down State Road 14.

WSB reported that the trouble apparently began when Folks began speaking on the phone, via the car’s Bluetooth, in a language that Minor did not understand. Minor said that as Folks chatted, he heard what he believed was another voice in his ear.

Minor told authorities he asked Folks to stop the car, but the driver did not stop, the news station reported. When the car was stopped at a red light, Minor tried to get out but could not open the door, he said.

Minor said he did not know if Folks was gay or not but when the driver reached into the back seat, Minor fired a gun at him three times, WSB reported.

The station reported that Folks was struck in the head.

According to the arrest affidavit, Minor then broke the car window and climbed out.

A woman who drove up to the scene just after the shooting told detectives that she stopped to help when she saw Minor waving his arms in the air. It was at that time that Minor allegedly told her Forks was trying to recruit him into a “gay fraternity.”

Lyft released a statement on Folks’ killing.

“Our hearts are with Mr. Folks’ loved ones as they confront this unspeakable tragedy, and we have reached out to offer our support during this difficult time,” reads the statement obtained by CNN. “We stand ready to assist law enforcement with any investigation and have permanently banned the rider’s account from the Lyft community.”

According to Atlanta police officials, Minor had been an officer since July 2018. He was placed on unpaid leave in December following his arrest in Milton.

WSB reported that Minor was arrested following a car crash after which responding officers found 20 Xanax pills in a bag. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

The drug case is still pending.

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