Go Red: 3 hidden symptoms of heart attack in women

You may be seeing a lot of red on Friday, Feb. 7, but it’s not for Valentine’s Day.

Friday marks Go Red For Women, a day that highlights and warns woman about their risk of heart disease.

We all know the usual signs of a heart attack for men: Tightness in the chest or a burning pain radiating down the left arm. But there are additional signs that many women will either not relate to having a heart attack or will outright ignore.

Here are three signs women should look out for:

1. Back pain - According to the American Heart Association, women can experience irregular pain in their back when having a heart attack. It could show that there's stress on the heart muscle.

2. Jaw pain - Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum said that she had one patient have jaw pain when she got on the treadmill. When she stopped, it would go away. Her dentist could find nothing wrong with her teeth. It continued until the woman had a heart attack.

3. Nausea - Woman can experience flu-like symptoms weeks before a heart attack.

If you feel any of these symptoms, the American Heart Association says head to the emergency room and trust your women's intuition.

"A woman's intuition is a very strong thing. Don't ever discount it, " Steinbaum said. "Ninety percent of my women patients who've just had a heart attack tell me that they knew it was their heart all along. That they just had a feeling."

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