Going batty: Homecoming dance at California high school postponed over bats in gym

DAVIS, Calif. — There weren’t bats in a belfry, but there were plenty in a high school gymnasium.

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A homecoming dance scheduled for last Saturday at a California high school had to be postponed because there were bats flying through the gymnasium at Davis Senior High School, KOVR-TV reported.

“I was just kind of like, ‘Bats, that’s kind of crazy,’” Davis High junior Gavin Mark told the television station.

According to a statement from the Davis Joint Unified School District, animal control officials in Yolo County were consulted and school officials said the bats could not be removed in time for the dance.

“We learned we could not remove the bats from the gym in time for the dance,” the district said in a statement. “Unfortunately, we were unable to identify another option that maintains the safety of our students and staff. We will reschedule the dance as soon as possible.”

Members of Northern California Bats, a wildlife and rehabilitation group, believe the school might be dealing with Mexican free-tailed bats, KOVR reported.

“These guys tend to be the culprits in the buildings,” Corky Quirk who works with the organization as a researcher and educator, told the television station.

Meanwhile, students must wait for the dance to be rescheduled. The bats have thrown a wrench in students’ desire to return to normal after dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year’s dance was held in the school’s quad area.

“So many things just have been kind of thrown at us that now it’s just kind of like we need to go with the flow and find the best in every situation,” Mark told KOVR.