Woman posing as Child Protective Services worker attempts to kidnap child

Woman posing as Child Protective Services worker attempts to kidnap child
File photo (Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay)

LOGAN COUNTY, W. Va. — A West Virginia mother is shaken after she told police a woman claiming to work for Child Protective Services tried to take her daughter.

Porscha Bias told officials with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department that a woman who said she was with CPS knocked on Bias’ door Tuesday and said there were reports of drug abuse in the home.

“Then, she pulls out a drug screen, a cup to pee in. She said, ‘Can you pee right now?’ I said yes without even thinking,” Bias told KYTV.

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When the rapid test came back negative, Bias said the woman started checking her daughter for bruises and said she would have to take the child.

Bias said she was also suspicious because the woman didn’t appear to have a car and had no official paperwork.

“She grabs my daughter and starts taking off [toward a] blind spot," Bias said. “So, I grab the closest thing that I could, which is a metal curtain rod that’s on my porch, and I start chasing after her.”

Bias got her daughter back and ran into the family home. Then she called 9-1-1 and told them about the situation. Deputies confirmed that no CPS workers had been sent to the home.

“Generally, in a situation like this when someone tries to take a child, there’s an ongoing custody battle, some situation, but there’s nothing in that sense occurring here. This is just a – I’m not going to say random, but I can’t say for certain why this child was attempted to be kidnapped,” Capt. M.C. Sutherland told KYTV.

Police are looking for the woman, but it was difficult to get a description of her face because she was wearing a mask, KYTV reported.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Department released a statement, saying in part:

“All CPS workers are required to wear their credentials on them identifying them as a CPS worker ... A court order must be present to remove a child from the home. In almost all cases law enforcement is to be present when this occurs ... Do not let anyone in your home if they do not show you their state credentials as being a CPS worker. If you are uncertain please contact 911 or your local CPS office to [verify] the CPS workers [identity] when law enforcement is not present.”