SPONSORED: N Charlotte Toyota tips: Caring for a classic Toyota car

SPONSORED: N Charlotte Toyota tips: Caring for a classic Toyota car

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Do you find yourself gravitating toward things that inspire that feeling of nostalgia? It’s been all the rage lately - fashion trends are circling back around, reboots of TV shows and movies are filling the airwaves, and sometimes it feels like it’s the 90’s all over again. The same applies for cars! It’s becoming more and more popular to revive old models (like the new 2020 Toyota Supra, which went out of production in the early 2000’s) or to take a classic Toyota car and bring it up to speed with the modern day.
However, restoring a classic Toyota car isn’t as simple as parking it in your garage and tinkering with it when you have time. Restoring vehicles calls for a big investment AND a lot of responsibility to keep them up and running. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with tips - check out these four essential tips for keeping your classic Toyota car in top shape for years to come!

Car care for your classic Toyota car

Tip #1: Get oil changes routinely.
Oil changes are important on ANY vehicle, but even more so on a classic. Oil keeps the engine cool and lubricated and allows it to do its job. Before you attempt a DIY oil change, however, talk to one of our Charlotte auto service techs. They may be able to recommend an oil designed for high-mileage vehicles if that’s going to suit your classic car best.
Tip #2: Pump and bleed the brakes.
Car parts deteriorate over time, just like everything else, and the last thing you want is for your ride to suddenly be without brakes when you’re out on the road. Our Charlotte Toyota service techs recommend that you pump the brakes and bleed them on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, especially if you don’t drive the car regularly. Bleeding can be a DIY project, but our techs are happy to help if you need the assistance.
Tip #3: Repack the wheel bearings.
Classic Toyota cars don’t use the same type of braking system or parts that more current cars use - they tend to utilize a disc-based system that requires a bit more maintenance. Basically, these systems require that you remove the rotor and bearing and pack grease in. It’s a tricky job, so we recommend you leave it to our Charlotte Toyota service experts.
Tip #4: Keep your car clean and protected.
You put all the work into it… so you should keep it clean and protected! Routinely detail your classic Toyota car inside and out. This also means applying a protective coat of wax to the exterior to keep the paint looking like-new and considering covered parking for the vehicle if you can get your hands on it.

Toyota of N Charlotte can help you keep your restoration like-new

Want more tips or need some assistance keeping your classic ride in excellent shape? Call us today - we’re open seven days a week at (704) 659-2025.