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The steering wheel in your car is pretty paramount to its operation - if it stops working, you’re going nowhere fast (or at least nowhere you want to go). That’s why it’s so important that you maintain it and also keep an eye on it to ensure it’s in good working order at all times. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with 5 signs that it’s faulty - if you spot any of them, schedule an appointment at our auto service center ASAP.

Don’t ignore these car care warning signs

Sign #1: Your car pulls in one direction when it’s in motion.
Does it feel like your car has a mind of its own? If your car seems to drift to one side of the road without any command from you at all, or you feel it physically pulling when you hold the wheel, then you likely have an issue with your steering gear. It may be that you’re out of power steering fluid so you can take a peek under the hood, but your best bet is to bring your car to Toyota of N Charlotte so our techs can assess the issue before your steering gives out.
Sign #2: You can feel the steering wheel vibrating when you’re driving.
If you’re driving on smooth road but still feel a vibration in the wheel, bring your car to our Charlotte auto service center immediately. You probably have an issue with power steering or alignment and it’s not going to get any better - in fact, it can get worse and more expensive as time progresses.
Sign #3: You have trouble turning the wheel in any direction.
Does the wheel feel like it’s stuck? Is it exceptionally hard to turn when you try to make the movement? This is sign that you’re out of power steering fluid - pop the hood and check the well to see if it’s empty, and also check under the car to see if you spot any leaks. Either way, our auto care techs are happy to fill it up and get you back on the road.
Sign #4: You hear grinding or screeching noises when you turn the steering wheel.
If you hear noises when you try to turn the steering wheel, you may have a steering belt that’s on its way out or at least loose. The steering pump is connected to the engine via this belt, and you’ll need one of our expert car care techs to get things back in order for you.
Sign #5: There’s a lack of response when you try to make a turn.
Does it feel like you have to turn the wheel really, really far to make even the smallest of turns? This is called excess play and it can indicate that you have a loose wheel bearing, loose steering gear, or ball joints that are worn out. Any of the three can cause your steering wheel to become unresponsive.

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